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Espn Summer Internship – Show Control Designer In Azusa

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    Job Description:

    As a Show Control Designer, you will provide technical skill and expertise in the development of design and oversight of all show control, networking, automation, motor control, and documentation related to any show system in use by a Disney Live Entertainment (DLE) produced offering. This may include stage shows, atmosphere, park-wide systems, or communication backbone.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Manage our local operating crews, contractors, vendors, and partners through installation, test and adjust, programming and close-out
    • Develop or provide input to project Show Control systems budgets and labor requirements
    • Collaboration with our Show Control systems partners and vendors to ensure Disney quality, compatibility, training, and proper documentation of all Show control services delivered
    • Design cohesive, integrated systems for DLE shows, atmosphere, and park-wide control
    • Build Show Control systems designs for our live shows and facility infrastructure
    • Specify and procure equipment for the show control systems, and oversee the installation, configuration, and programming of the show control systems
    • Maintain up-to-date show documentation, Show Control systems R&D lab, and completion of discipline specific As-Installed documentation
    • Research Show Control systems technologies to support design effort and support mock-ups, demonstrations and presentations including set-ups and strikes
    • Stay current with Show Control systems technology, and research and development efforts within the entertainment industry, and with multiple Show Control systems protocol options and requirements
    • Be a resource in the maintenance of proper training of operating area Show Control Technicians
    • Participate in project’s creative development through realization of the design intent through the production of the creative process
    • Create documentation including schematics, life cycle, and recommended maintenance of the system and components
    • Conduct ongoing entertainment show quality evaluations (ASQA Reports) of our existing entertainment offerings to assist the operating areas in maintaining the original show intent and opening day quality

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Familiarity of existing Show Control and Networking platforms in use within The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) and with network cyber security protocols in use within TWDC
    • Advanced experience with most Show Control systems, Machine Automation, and Computer Networking methods
    • Minimum of 5 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry working in show development and operation of live shows
    • Can read architectural blueprints and interpret electrical drawings, to also include proficiency with CAD drafting programs (both 2D and 3D)
    • Understand Show Control Design theory and practice
    • Experience with current technology and industry standards for all aspects of Show Control design, as applied to live show and facility infrastructure systems
    • Can work flexible hours – nights, weekends, holidays
    • Have advanced comprehension of the functional relationship between Show Control and all other design disciplines and their multiple protocol options and an advanced understanding of Show Control systems setup and programming
    • Expertise with a Project’s established scope, schedule, and budget
    • Have, or be willing to obtain, a passport and corporate credit card for travel
    • Commitment to ongoing personal education
    • Experience working with a Technical Director, all relevant design disciplines, and Show Control crew to prioritize, organize, instruct and problem-solve during installation, content integration and programming

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