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Intel Intern – Full Time Intern – Design Infrastructure In Newbury

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    Job Description:

    Our Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) data integrity platform runs tens of thousands of checkers a day to ensure a high level of correctness and coherency for the data developed and delivered by the designers in numerous hardware fields of activities. These checkers require adequate resources evaluation in terms of memory and Computing Personal Unit (CPU) to properly leverage Intel’s compute farm, as well as in runtime to properly size the project planning deliveries. Each checker processes different amount of data, holistically exercising the entire infrastructure leading to a wide range of points of failure hindering the schedules.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Own a self-contained project:  data-mining the existing and coming meta-data generated by the platform annotating the model with criteria to be identified based on exploratory hypothesis
    • Create a mathematical model to validate or invalidate the hypotheses aiming at converging toward a meaningful set of criteria highlighting the complexity of a checker based on the identified criteria generalizing the model to incorporate the synchronous and asynchronous nature of these checkers in layman terms:
    • If the chart has no identifiable shape, keep massaging the model with other criteria until something humanly recognizable is found

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Knowledge on any of the following languages: C++/Python, JS/CSS/HTML, shell scripting
    • Knowledge on algorithms, complexity, data structure, concurrent processing
    • Knowledge on Linux, data mining and scalability
    • Experience on architecting a program, OOP/OOD, UML, DB, software development life cycle and processes, Agile/Scrum, rapid prototyping, design patterns

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